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2016 Resolutions

With the new year upon us, many people are resolving to get healthy, save money or learn a new skill. You may be joining others in committing to doing something to make this year great. I'm heading back to Sacramento, and this year my resolution is to fight for your freedom and your prosperity.

I believe that you are already paying enough in taxes and fees. At the end of last year, some in Sacramento tried to force through new taxes on everything from beverages to gasoline as a way to fund pet projects.

We now know that the state received more tax revenue than expected. There is absolutely no reason to raise your taxes in 2016.

Instead of asking for more money from working Californians, we should focus on planning for future financial stability by paying down our debts and saving in the rainy day fund.

I am also committed to promoting prosperity for Californians. Our state government has a habit of choking small business with costly and burdensome regulations.

I resolve to continue to represent the interests of small business owners, and the people who are employed by them, by promoting legislation that helps them thrive by allowing small businesses to grow and provide opportunity for more Californians.

But in order for Californians to take those jobs, they need to have the necessary skills. We need to be investing in our kids now so that we have a strong workforce in the future.

That is why I want 2016 to be the year we improve our education system. Too many kids in our state do not have the opportunity to learn from a quality teacher in a quality school. Education is the key to escaping poverty and sharing in prosperity, and I will make it a priority this year.

Democracy only works when people like you make your voice heard through elections and the initiative process. I was recently appointed vice chair of the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee. This will give me a chance to speak up on policies that promote fair elections, fight corruption, and make it so that you can have faith in the elections process.

Unfortunately, voter fraud continues to be a problem for our state. This year, I am going to fight to protect your right to be heard on the things that matter to you and the integrity of our democratic process.

There is no reason 2016 can't be a great year for all Californians. I want to do what I can to set us up for success now, and in the future. This year, I promise to continue to fight for you in Sacramento.

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