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Harper Campaign Media Alert

Huntington Beach, CA - Huntington Beach Mayor and State Assembly candidate Matthew Harper announced today that his campaign raised nearly $40,000 at his campaign kick-off event last week.

Major donors to the fundraiser included Howard Ahmanson, President of the Fieldstead Corporation, Bob McCaffery, President of Newport Beach Residents for Reform, Jeff Snow, President of Rainbow Disposal, Scott Maloni, OCTax board of directors, Frank Jao, President of Bridge Creek Properties, Mike Schroeder, former Chairman of the California Republican Party, and Ken Khachigian, former speech writer for President Ronald Reagan.

"This is a great beginning to a busy summer of fundraising" said Harper for Assembly Finance Chairman Ed Laird. "All of us are committed to making certain that Matt has the needed resources to win this race."

Huntington Beach is the largest city in the 74th Assembly District. Other cities include: Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Woods, and Laguna Beach.

Matthew Harper is a graduate of Huntington Beach High School and the University of Southern California. Prior to his election to the City Council, Matthew served on the Huntington Beach Union High School Board of Trustees for 12 years. Matthew and his wife Elizabeth are homeowners in Huntington Beach.

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