Thank You

Dear Friends, I’m sitting in the airport and I have a few minutes before I need to catch my flight home from my first couple of days in Sacramento as an assembly member elect. While I wait, I have been taking a few moments to reflect upon the past nine months and how incredibly blessed I have been by my family and friends who supported and believed in me while I was campaigning for assembly. There are so many people that I am grateful to and that I need to thank for our victory - so here I go! First and foremost my family. My parents and sister are used to my political activities but this is new to my beautiful new wife Elizabeth. Not only did she have to put up with me, she had to learn new

Harper Wins!

Voters Shake Up Status Quo From the Orange County Register: Matthew Harper, a mayor of Huntington Beach, probably should not have beaten fellow Republican Keith Curry in the race to represent the 74th District in the California Assembly. Curry had a lot of endorsements. Curry also had more money, outspending Harper by about 5 to 1. For the rest of the story click HERE. #harper #huntingtonbeach #74thassemblydistrict

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